What To Expect

Congratulations adding stretching to your fitness routine. Stretching is an often ignored or neglected component to good health.  To start living a healthier lifestyle fill out the online form and PAR-Q.  Schedule your appointment today!


At Stretch Tonic, the technician will greet you and inquire about any conditions or injuries you may have. A discussion of your needs or goals for that session enables the technician to provide an enjoyable stretching experience. The session begins with a combination of assisted stretches. Assisted stretches will include a combination of static, dynamic, and PNF stretches. All stretches will be performed to the point of resistance. Pain is not involved. Our goal at Stretch Tonic is to expand your flexibility limits in a controlled and gentle manner.

Stretching is an activity done in a close personal space. We ask that our clients be mindful of this in preparation for their session. Please come in wearing workout or yoga clothes that are neither too tight nor too loose. Jeans and pants tend to restrict the client’s flexibility and breathing. For an effective stretch and safety, clients are required to wear non-clip or grip socks. Variety of sizes and styles available for purchase at the studio.

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