If you have never had an individual assisted stretching session, prepare for a treat. This is an individual session geared to your specific concerns and needs. The technician will perform static, dynamic, and proprioceptive stretches to the point of tension. The client will feel the release of tension and stress that has built up within the muscles and fascia of the body. All stretches performed on customized stretch tables for effectiveness and safety. We provide Total Tonic and Mini Tonic Individual stretch sessions.
Small class setting of no more than 5 participants. Clients are led through a sequence of stretches for a total body stretch on a Stretch Table or standing. Additional stretch tools such as bands, straps and foam rollers will be used. The Stretch Coach will give cues and modifications throughout the class to maximize each participants’ results. Stretching class at Stretch Tonic is a great entryway into a fitness program.